Delegate MAK

Hi all,
I’m happy to announce delegate MAK today. I have been an active member of the Ark community for a while now and have finally decided that it’s time to take the next step and become a formal part of running and maintaining the network as well as ensure it’s security and bright future. In the past I have contributed to Ark in the form of AIPs 22 and 23 as well as being an active member of the Ark slack and I intend to continue to add more contributions as time goes on. I believe that Ark has the potential to become THE dominant cryptoeconomic ecosystem of the world and we need to cross a few hurdles to get there. Briefly stated my goal will be to contribute to the Ark ecosystem by making:

a) Ark improvement proposals that solve fundamental issues (more details will be announced later)
b) Proof of concept utility-chains within the Ark ecosystem (more details will be announced later)
c) Running forging node and relays to maintain quorum

I am offering 80% share of my forging rewards to my voters paid out weekly. Finally I would like to thank all of you for your support. Help make Ark even better by casting your vote.

P.S: This document does not constitute a contract. Rewards are shared voluntarily by the delegate.

For more details contact mak on ark slack. For further contribution details and updates please check